Champagne Christian Muller | Grand cru de Mailly-Champagne

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Christian Muller Champagne | Ratafia Champenois


Tasting sheet

To the eye, the color is amber and shiny.

The nose is marked by aromas with sweet and spicy touches.

At the tasting, this Ratafia champagne reveals sweet and spicy notes It also distils subtle touches of fruit candied and quince jelly.

Ratafia Champenois and Mets

With friends: Fresh drinks on a sunny terrace.
Chic meal: Foie gras toast!
We recommend the Ratafia champagne with strong cheeses: a Langres made for example.
We advise against the Ratafia champagne with dishes too salty: the sweet-salty yes, but do not abuse it…

The trick

The Ratafia champagne is the ideal ingredient of your cocktails: feel free to add mint leaves, a few ice cubes and a hint of champagne to get a mojito made in champagne! In ad

dition, for the cooks: add a few drops of this delicious nectar when cooking your meats, its fruity side caramélisera slightly and will bring a real plus to your dishes!

• Champagne Christian Muller | Nature

Blending 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay

Dosage 0 g/L

Tasting sheet

On the eye, a pale yellow colour, with green reflections, the bubble cord evolves delicately on the edges of the glass.

The nose presents here lemony scents and red fruits (cherry). The whole bouquet is raised by notes of minerality. 

In the mouth, the attack is delicate, marked by a effervescence with finesse. The sensation of freshness and vivacity gives way to aromas of red fruits, (cherry) raised by citrus notes. At the end of the mouth, the mineral frame blends perfectly with the fruity flavors and leaves us a pleasant sensation, ideal as put in appetite. 

The Champagne and food pairing

With friends: at the aperitif! With all that nibbles! (Gougères, cheese slats…) 
Chic meal: Oysters, verrines, smoked salmon, sushi…
To recommend
We recommend the Cuvée Nature for the aperitif! Nothing better than this cuvée, fresh to put you in appetite.
We do not recommend the Cuvée Nature with a meal too salty, it would tend to crush the wine…

The trick

To consume between 8 and 12 °c. If the champagne is too fresh you will not feel the whole aromatic palette that it develops, and you will lose the essential… 
This cuvée is marked by the presence of 0 g/L of sugar which imposes the wine to be net and precise, otherwise the defects would be very quickly perceived. 
Cuvée Tradition Anglais

• Champagne Christian Muller | Tradition

Blending 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay

32% of reserve wines

Vinification fermentation malolactic and ageing in oak barrel (3%)

Ageing 30 months in cellar and 12 months after disgorging

Dosage 8g/L

Tasting sheet

The eye : the dress is pale gold, a lingering effervescence and the line of bubbles is very thin. It has a bright and limpid glow.

The nose is marked by citrus aromas (lemon), as well as identifiable touches of cherry and violet.

The attack is frank in the mouth. We find immediately sour citrus sensations (grapefruit, lemon) brought by the Chardonnay. Then, notes of red fruits (cherry, raspberry) appear brought by the Pinot noir. The finale, very fresh, leaves an impression of amplitude and depth.

Champagne pairings

With friends : At an aperitif with a fruity county, a chaource or a half-dry cheese of goat. You can continue with a chicken and a creamy sauce for lunch.
Chic Meal : Seafood salad, fish in sauce could be ideal.
We recommend the Cuvée Tradition after a bad day, you will quickly beautify it…
We don’t recommend to serve the Cuvée Tradition during the dessert!

The trick

The taste buds perceive all the basic flavors (salty/sweet/acid/bitter/umami), but those on the side of the tongue perceive more acidic flavors. Tasting this cuvée, the fresh and lively chardonnay will bring this sensation of slight tingling on the sides of the tongue you perceive from the first sips.
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Christian Muller Champagne Vintage 2012

Cuvée Millésime 2012

Assembly 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay

Vinification fermentation malolactic and ageing in oak barrels (11%)

Ageing 72 months in cellar and 12 months after disgorging

Dosage 6g/L

Unique harvest: 2012

Tasting notes

The eye is marked by a golden yellow, with pronounced intensity and amber reflections. The bubbles are persistent.

The nose is rich and intense, you will feel notes of dried fruit (especially hazelnut), ripe fruit (quince) as well as Vanilla notes.

In the mouth, from the first sensations, you will perceive the organoleptic complexity of this champagne. The flavors of hazelnuts and nutmeg bring depth and amplitude to the wine. When closing the eyes, they are notes of toasted bread, of honey, lightly wooded which complement the palette of aromas. The finale flies away to bring a magnitude in the mouth and a persistent aromatic of great vigor. The two grape varieties blend here completely. 

The Champagne and Mets agreements

With friends: At the aperitif with a refined county then you will continue the meal on a roasted chicken.
Chic meal: Ideal champagne for a meal, it will be excellent with a chicken de Bresse champagne sauce.
We recommend the Cuvée Millésime 2012 with the main course or a cheese platter.
We advise you not to serve the Cuvée Millésime 2012 first if you plan to open more bottles afterwards, its roundness and power will camouflage all the vivacity of other champagnes…

The trick

The best champagne-Mets arrangement is to bind the dish with a sauce made with the wine which will then be tasted. This makes it possible to create a red thread between the two and thus to sublimate the chord.