Christian Muller Champagne | Ratafia Champenois

Christian Muller Champagne | Ratafia Champenois


Tasting sheet

To the eye, the color is amber and shiny.

The nose is marked by aromas with sweet and spicy touches.

At the tasting, this Ratafia champagne reveals sweet and spicy notes It also distils subtle touches of fruit candied and quince jelly.

Ratafia Champenois and Mets

With friends: Fresh drinks on a sunny terrace.
Chic meal: Foie gras toast!
We recommend the Ratafia champagne with strong cheeses: a Langres made for example.
We advise against the Ratafia champagne with dishes too salty: the sweet-salty yes, but do not abuse it…

The trick

The Ratafia champagne is the ideal ingredient of your cocktails: feel free to add mint leaves, a few ice cubes and a hint of champagne to get a mojito made in champagne! In ad

dition, for the cooks: add a few drops of this delicious nectar when cooking your meats, its fruity side caramélisera slightly and will bring a real plus to your dishes!