The environment is our commitment

High environmental value LOGO

HVE/High Environmental Value: under three main principles, HVE certification commits us to respect the ecosystem, from the growing of vines to the winemaking. Moreover, the preservation of our landscape is a primary goal in the protection of the environment, for this we promote the natural sodding of our soils for example. Finally, being attentive to the practices of the conduct of the vine greatly decreases our impact on the environment.

Sustainable viticulture LOGO in Champagne

VDC/Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne: This certification aims to minimise the consequences of our vine growing practices on the environment, be it air, climate, water, soils, biodiversity or even landscapes . More than 120 points are to be respected following their establishment by the Champagne Committee and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture in May 2015.

Fauna and flora-environment
Fauna & Flora

Banishment insecticide

objectif: no herbicide

Natural sodding

Using “Raks” in the vines for a natural sexual confusion
Reasoned viticulture-environment
Sustainable Viticulture

Better and less spray
RESPECT for the environment-environment
Respect of the environnement

Some of our plots are BIOs