• Champagne Christian Muller | Tradition

Cuvée Tradition

• Champagne Christian Muller | Tradition

Blending 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay

32% of reserve wines

Vinification fermentation malolactic and ageing in oak barrel (3%)

Ageing 30 months in cellar and 12 months after disgorging

Dosage 8g/L

Tasting sheet

The eye : the dress is pale gold, a lingering effervescence and the line of bubbles is very thin. It has a bright and limpid glow.

The nose is marked by citrus aromas (lemon), as well as identifiable touches of cherry and violet.

The attack is frank in the mouth. We find immediately sour citrus sensations (grapefruit, lemon) brought by the Chardonnay. Then, notes of red fruits (cherry, raspberry) appear brought by the Pinot noir. The finale, very fresh, leaves an impression of amplitude and depth.

Champagne pairings

With friends : At an aperitif with a fruity county, a chaource or a half-dry cheese of goat. You can continue with a chicken and a creamy sauce for lunch.
Chic Meal : Seafood salad, fish in sauce could be ideal.
We recommend the Cuvée Tradition after a bad day, you will quickly beautify it…
We don’t recommend to serve the Cuvée Tradition during the dessert!

The trick

The taste buds perceive all the basic flavors (salty/sweet/acid/bitter/umami), but those on the side of the tongue perceive more acidic flavors. Tasting this cuvée, the fresh and lively chardonnay will bring this sensation of slight tingling on the sides of the tongue you perceive from the first sips.